The Lo Peyo residence is located in the village of Antagnod, one of the best preserved villages in the Alps. The name originates from "ante lignum" (before the woods).

Today the forest no longer exists, replaced by pastures in remote times, but the wood is present everywhere: in the rascards (granaries) where wheat, butter, black bread were preserved, with the addition of larch trunks overlaid interlocking, on mushroom-shaped supports in wood and stone; or in the balconies of the Maison Fournier, with its cylindrical scaled tower, in the beams that support the roofs, in the protruding cornices, or in the sabots, wooden shoes that were made in Ayas and still used today.

The village also preserves the most important Baroque altar in the Valle d'Asosta in the parish of San Martino an still maintains the use of the local dialect patois. The ancient Franco-Provençal dialect, of German influence.

But Antagnod is not only a unique village,it has small winding streets where you can dicover intersting buildings with unusual cornices, beams and uphill streets conecting the village, It is immersed in alpine nature of childhood postcards; and also ski slopes, lifts, artificial snow making machines, ski school, refuges, playgrounds, pubs, restaurants, shops, services, gym and residence. All this is provided for you with courtesy, kind hospitality and a lot of professionalism.

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